Monday, February 28, 2011

Stillness On The Tomoka, Florida Oil Landscape of Palms, River, Egret by Judy Batterson

On the Florida east coast, the Tomoka River is a pristine wilderness river. I was asked by a friend who grew up there to capture this in a painting . I did site visits, sketches and took photos. There was such a sense of peace with the gentle flow of the river. Some areas had dense mangroves, palms and underbrush. Other mangroves opened up to the sky, allowing sunlight to reflect off of the water. A white egret stood out against the dark water while birds flew overhead. This river is "old Florida" appreciated by nature lovers everywhere. The commissioned 24 x 36" original oil is sold, but giclees are available ($425).

Friday, February 18, 2011

Paradise Found, original Florida oil landscape of beach, ocean, and palms by Judy Batterson

Paradise Found” If you could imagine serenity, it would be a quiet, uninhabited island of gently blowing palms. The white edge of the blue sea caresses the soft pink sand. The painting has a soft, quiet feeling. The pastels of the sand and sea soften the shadows under the palms. In the distance, there is another island. The afternoon clouds are building and billowing. Islands like this beckon boaters. Like in this painting, those who discover these islands experience the tranquility of paradise, if only for an afternoon. Blended color areas softened the feel of the painting. Original Oil on masonite. 20" x 28" $2400 (Giclee available $400)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Walk in the Park, a Florida oil landscape by Judy Batterson

This is another painting in my "springtime in Florida" series with a focus on the yellow tabebuia tree. This tree blooms brilliant
yellow petals which fall to the ground below. There are many types of tabebuia trees, but the yellow is my favorite. This painting captures a memory of a springtime walk in Leu Gardens. Impasto brushstrokes built up the petals. 12 x 12" oil on board, $350 and beautifully framed.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bursting Forth, a Florida Spring Oil Landscape by Judy Batterson

“Bursting Forth” A tabebuia tree bursting forth in brilliant yellow blooms is a sight to behold in the spring. I used thick impasto paint so the tree seems to bloom right off of the painting. As the tree blooms, petals fall, creating a carpet of yellow underneath. The twisting trunk swings to the right to balance the uphill movement to the left. A Florida springtime delight! 12" x 12", $350 Framed, visit