Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blue Cypress Sunset, a Tropical Florida Lake Sunset by Judy Batterson

“Blue Cypress Sunset” 24" x 36" original oil will be on exhibit at The Orlando Museum of Art Members Visions June 2, 2011.
Blue Cypress Lake was introduced to me by a man who loves to fish there. The lake is undeveloped except for a solitary fish camp. The rest is pure pristine Florida, filled with cypress trees and wildlife. When the sun sets, the lake turns into a sea of fiery color with silhouettes of cypress, reeds and grasses. I did not use black to paint the silhouettes but used a mixture of burnt umber with ultramarine blue or cadmium red. The effect of the darks against the lights is vivid. There are many layers of oil with the last layer consisting of grasses painted with individual brushstrokes. Blue Cypress Lake captivates those who explore it under the hanging moss of the trees! Oil on masonite. $2400

Friday, May 20, 2011

Serene Sunset, Florida Oil Landscape of Palm Islands by Judy Batterson

Islands of palms, trees, and mangroves cast shadows in the water as the sun sets. The clouds break the sun into shades of yellow, yellow-orange, orange, and rose while being reflected in the water. A Florida coastal sunset, alive with changing colors, can take your breath away. This is the Florida that the eco-minded seek, usually in kayaks and small boats. Moving in the still water between the islands, one can see wildlife of the air and water. Watching the sunset is a bonus. 16 x 20" Original Oil on canvas.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden of Eden, Oil Painting with Palm and Stream by Judy Batterson

The Little Book of Living Prayers with Garden of Eden cover: "Garden of Eden" is an 18 x 24" original oil on canvas..
The Little Book of Living Prayers by Doris M. Matthews has just been published! My painting "Garden of Eden" is the cover. Author Doris has prayers for people from all walks of life and in every sort of need. Truly inspirational words about Christ's love and healing power!
Doris commissioned me for the cover painting. I chose Eden, the garden of God, because it is full of symbolism. The description is in Genesis 2. Abundant fruit bearing and beautiful trees grew there while a stream watered the Garden. Archeologists believe that the date palm was one of the first trees in the Garden. It was a place of peace and serenity. This is my glimpse into the Garden of Eden. May this picture bring peace to those who view it, especially as they read the prayers.
The book of prayers is now available from The Healing Ministry at The Glennon House in Winter Park Florida for $6 (or $7, if mailed.) More information through All Saints Episcopal Church in Winter Park, Florida.
It was a blessing to be a part of this year long project.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Magnolia Memory for Niki, a large Magnolia Blossom by Judy Batterson

My friend commissioned me to paint a large magnolia blossom for her home. This flower has much meaning for her. The good news is that my neighborhood had blooming magnolia trees at the time of this painting. I studied the bowl of each petal and the way the light hit the curl. I used warm colors for the background to bring life to the bloom. And I have more appreciation for Georgia O'Keefe now. A large blossom makes a dramatic statement. And I let my friend name her painting!