Friday, December 30, 2011

Morning at Lake Jessamine, a Contemporary Impressionism Oil Painting by Judy Batterson

Painting "en plein air", I tried to capture the light and shadow of the morning. The lake is a huge lake with pieces of land that jut out around the large center of it. Large trees surround the water, and the houses on the lake have beautiful views of nature. My focus was on the impressions of light and how it made dark contrasts of the trees and the water. Painting outside on a beautiful day is one of my favorite things to do! 9"H x 12"W original oil.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rose Garden Trellis at Cypress Grove Park, Florida Oil Impressionist Style by Judy Batterson

Another beautiful morning at Cypress Grove Park brought me to the Rose Garden. I set up my easel in the shadow of a large oak tree and faced the trellis. The intense sunlight highlighted the yellow roses growing behind the trellis. Red and pink climbing roses grew on the shadow side of the trellis. A brick pathway through the trellis invited people to come into the garden. This impressionistic painting captured that morning. It made me stop and smell the roses! 9 x12" original oil.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bag of Oranges, Florida Oranges from Vintage Postcard by Judy Batterson

A bag of Florida oranges puts a smile on anyone's face. The mesh, draw-cord bags have been around for a long time. Inspired by a vintage Florida postcard, just-picked bags of oranges are still popular. 5 x 7" original oil. For my Postcards from Florida project.

Basket of Citrus, Florida Vintage Postcard Painting of Oranges and Grapefruit by Judy Batterson

This painting was inspired by a vintage Florida postcard of oranges and grapefruit. Growers have been putting hand-picked tree-ripened citrus in baskets since 1922. The fruit baskets are still packed by hand for fresh delivery from Florida. 5 x 7 oil. For my Postcards from Florida project.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Plein Air Morning at Cypress Grove Park, Contemporary Impressionism Oil by Judy Batterson

The weather was perfect when I set up to paint in the middle of the field at Cypress Grove Park. The morning sunlight hit the large oak trees and the grass with intensity. This painting is all about the dramatic darks and lights that I saw before me. I loved mixing the oils and capturing the morning on canvas! I would call this style Contemporary Impressionism. 9 x 12 oil on canvas.