Friday, November 30, 2012

Preserving the Paradise, Florida OIl Painting of Winter Park by Judy Batterson

This painting shows the history of Winter Park, Florida. With this conceptual process, I stood at the edge of the Genius Preserve looking across Lake Virginia at Rollins College. The Genius Preserve was the Windsong Estate of Jeannette Genius McKean and Hugh McKean. Jeannette was a quiet art crusader whose grandfather was Charles Hosmer Morse. He had given the land for Central Park in Winter Park. Hugh had been a young art student of Louis Tiffany and later became president of Rollins College. When the New York Tiffany estate burned, they saved the Tiffany glass and brought it to Winter Park. The McKeans made it a comprehensive collection now housed in the Morse Museum. Visitors from all over the world come to see the windows and glass. I was a young artist when I helped them at the Morse. My favorite window was the Wisteria Window, and, thus, the overlay on the painting. Tying culture and beauty together, I give homage to the McKeans for preserving the paradise of this area! 16"H x 12"W Price: $ 500.00 framed

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here Comes The Sun, Vibrant Rising Sun Over Ocean by Judy Batterson

Here Comes the Sun...When I saw this sunrise over the ocean, I was awed by the bright palette of colors. The rising sun filled the sky, and the clouds were streaked with warm and cool colors. The ocean reflected the sun and the colors of the sky. Even the wet sand reflected the colors. This was a glorious morning! The light was refracted into every hue! Bright and beautiful! 24"H x 18"W oil, Price: $ 600.00 framed