Friday, July 26, 2013

Palms Along the River, A Florida Oil Landscape of the St. John's River by Judy Batterson, Florida Artist

Pristine wilderness of Old Florida lines the sides of the St. John's River. As the longest river in Florida, it winds north through 12 counties. We took a houseboat into the middle basin part of the river where I was able to sketch and paint the palms, marshes and wildlife. Tall stately palms grew along the river. We anchored and woke up to a sky of light making everything lush and green against the tannic slow moving water. Old Florida is inspiration! 12"H x 24"W original oil on canvas. Price: $ 600.00

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Garden Path, a Plein Air Painting by Judy Batterson, Florida Artist

Follow the path to the shady side of the garden! Painting en plein air on such a beautiful day made time pass so quickly. Before I knew it, the sun was making distinct shadows of the large bamboo and camellia bushes on the path to the rose garden. The shadows were a cool blue while the grass reflected the warmth from the sunlight. A large mossy oak cooled off the background. 9"H x 12"W Price: $ 225.00 framed